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Homenetmen Glendale Ararat Chapter General Athletic Division Ararat Tennis Program 2014

The focus of Ararat Tennis Program is to encourage, and involve children and youth in the sport of tennis; providing them with the opportunity to have discipline, commitment, health, fitness, personal and social development, and sportsmanship. Our goal is to ensure that all our members have a positive and enjoyable introduction to tennis and the opportunity to continue their interest through many years of tennis practice in high schools, tournaments, colleges and universities, and beyond. The tennis committee is devoted to increase parents’ involvement in their child’s progress. Moreover, the tennis committee will evaluate and improve the quality of the practices and monitor the effectiveness and feasibility of our tennis program.


  1. Prepare/Develop a USTA (United States Tennis Association) tennis team for competitive tennis tournaments
  2. Strong encouragement to participate in high school and college/university tennis teams.
  3. Building strong and competitive tennis scholarship candidates
  4. Instill appreciation and love for the game of tennis.


Each student is required to have a current, fully paid membership with Homenetmen Glendale “Ararat” Chapter. All appropriate forms must be completed and be on file prior to the use of tennis courts and tennis practice participation. Our tennis practice application clearly describes available programs, their duration and payment provisions. Applications are available at our athletic office and our website @

Parental Involvement/Participation:

We encourage parents to take part during tennis practices on a volunteer basis. Their involvement will help us build a stronger tennis community with children and youth eager to play tennis.

Contact Information:

For any information related to Ararat Tennis program you can visit our athletic office, call us at 323-256-0651 or visit us at our website
You may also e-mail our tennis staff at


Ararat Tennis program is committed to quality program, flexible schedule and multiple locations; therefore four courts with four different coaches are offered to train the players.
Through out the year these players will meet each other and have a weekend friendly tournament amongst them. Current Schedule:


Location Coach Day and time
Glorietta Tennis Park Vigen Khanlarian
(818) 903-5049
Sat. 10:00-11:30AM
Hoover High Harout Sofyan
(818) 568-4979
Fri. 4:00-5:30PM
Crescenta Valley High Artak Harutyonyan
(818) 521-0804
Sat. 6:00-7:30PM
Burbank Tennis Center Harout Khachatrian
(818) 653-5040
Sat. 2:00-3:30PM

Programs and Fees:

Programs Maximum Number of students Per session Duration of the session Duration of each Period Advance payment per person
Beginner I,II. Intermediate I 10 $20.00 1.5 hours 8 Session (8 weeks) $160.00
Intermediate II Advance I,II 6 $30 1.5 hours 8 Session (8 weeks) $240.00


Every year Ararat Tennis Committee organizes the largest annual community Tennis Tournament as well as “members only” Navasartian Games. Athletes in all levels participate in these annual tournaments. Additionally, they will participate in USTA local tournaments.


Our tennis staff consists of USPTA (United States Professional Tennis Association) certified tennis coaches and their assistants with many years of experience and great expertise working with children and youth. Our coaches will evaluate each athlete periodically and based on his/her progress, athlete will advance to the next level. Our current tennis instructors are well experienced and are coaching within the USTA guidelines.


The followings are the different skill level categories in our program. Each level might be divided into 2 age groups which are 10 to 13 and 14 and above. The age group might be combined due to the number of participant. The Under 10 age players will be accepted in this program only based on their skill level. Under 10 players might be eligible to join this program if they have previous experience of full court training. Any Under 10 beginner player, who does not qualify for our Tennis Program, will be placed in our “ATP4Kids” program.

Each level will have its unique color T-shirt.

  • Beginner I: Solid Yellow
  • Beginner II: Yellow with Green stripes (or sleeves)
  • Intermediate I: Solid Green
  • Intermediate II: Green with Blue stripes (or sleeves)
  • Advance I: Solid Blue
  • Advance II: Blue with Red stripes (or sleeves)

Beginner I:

This is the entry level designed for the players who do not have any or have very little tennis background. The goal in this level is to develop the feeling of the racquet and tennis ball. Start hitting the ball in static position close to the net both with forehand and backhand.

Beginner II:

Advancing to this level requires hitting the ball both with forehand and backhand close to the net. The goal in this level is to develop a better sense of covering whole court with developing a better stroke on both backhand and forehand. The player will develop to move throughout the court while coordinating their eye and body movements to hit the ball. The player will start learning additional strokes like volley and overhead.

Intermediate I:

Advancing to this level requires ball judgment in the court, solid forehand and backhand throughout the court. The goal in this level is to develop and practice more advance forehand and backhand techniques including top spin emphasizing on footwork and stronger play from the net. Develop some control over the ball. The player will start learning serve and slice.

Intermediate II:

Advancing to this level requires solid forehand and backhand with relatively good control of the ball with topspin. The goal in this level is to develop a solid control over the ball, improve volley and overhead shots, while mastering the forehand and backhand, and improve serve. Develop slices, drop shots, and extensive footwork. In this level students will start participating USTA tournaments.

Advance I:

Advancing to this level requires solid play including forehand, backhand, topspin, volley, overhead, and drop shots. The goal in this level is to develop a good control on the ball and mastering all the shots including serve. Develop some play strategies like serve and volley.

Advance II:

Advancing to this level requires good control and technique. The goal in this level is to develop and master multiple game strategies.

General Rules:

  1. Each member using the facility must have a current, paid membership with Homenetmen Ararat Chapter. All appropriate forms must be completed and on file prior to use of the courts.
  2. Many of our programs include parent participation.
  3. Appropriate tennis attire is required on the courts at all times. Appropriate tennis shoes are required and Ararat shirts must be worn at all times. (To purchase, please contact Ararat Store).
  4. Only tennis players & Team Managers are permitted inside the fenced court areas. Accompanying people should remain outside of the fenced areas.
  5. When participating in tournaments outside our facilities parents are required to accompany their children.
  6. Common rules of tennis etiquette should always be observed:
    • Good sportsmanship
    • Punctuality
    • Respect
    • Teamwork
  7. Questions, disputes or other concerns regarding tennis practice may be referred to the Tennis Committee members.
  8. Members failing to follow tennis court rules and procedures are subject to disciplinary actions.