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Welcome to ARARAT Table Tennis Web Site!

Homenetmen Glendale “Ararat” Chapter believes Ping Pong (or Table Tennis) is a very exciting, fun and challenging sport. And, as stated in our mission statement, it is our intention to promote the sport of TT within our community and provide the facilities, and the social environment to participate, learn and compete in this enjoyable life time sport through coaching, practice, leagues, tournaments and open play.

To support our mission, “Ararat” has developed Table Tennis Athletic Development Plan – 2014, outlining various programs, activities and services that we will offer to our community, and of course with your support, it will reshape our understanding of table tennis sport and its health benefits for our community.

Furthermore to enhance our communication with our internal and external table tennis members, community, guests and sponsors we developed ATTC Social Media Networking tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube for you to join.

With that said we welcome all our existing members, new members and guests to participate in our TT programs and projects and help us facilitate and expand TT sport within our community.

For more information, please contact Mr. Victor V. Shahbazian | General Athletic Advisor and ATTC Director @ (818) 634-7245 or attc@ararat.org.

ARARAT Table Tennis Center (ATTC) Program and Services

ATTC Table Tennis training program and services has played a key role in improving our members ping pong skills and preparing them for the following internal and external tournaments:

All the following events will be hyperlinked to their associated web page.

  1. ATTC Giant Round Robin Tournament – Spring and Fall Season (Internal)
  2. ATTC Team Tournament – Summer (Internal)
  3. LATTF Spring and Fall League Events (External Club TT Team Event)
  4. Homenetmen NAVASARTIAN Tournament – Summer TT
  5. Homenetmen KAHAM Tournament – Winter TT
  6. USATT 2 STAR Sanctioned – ARARAT OPEN 2014 (June 13-14)
  7. USATT 2 STAR Sanctioned – Glendale Friendship Games Tournament (Sept 20-21)
  8. USATT 2 STAR Sanctioned – MT. ARARAT Tournament (Dec 13-14)

These tournaments are essential in improving our player’s athletic agility, up lift their competitive spirit, team work and further advance their ping pong skills.

As an on-going part of my commitment in expanding Table Tennis Training Program and Services, we are pleased to announce the following after school and weekend Table Tennis program services for our Southern California community.

  1. Table Tennis – Youth Recreational Program,
  2. Table Tennis – Private Training Program,
  3. Table Tennis – Academic Class-based Training Program (Click it to get more info)
  4. Table Tennis – On Line training Program – Work in progress
  5. Table Tennis – Video & Book Library – Pro Shop Services – Work in progress
  6. Pro Shop Services – Selling Butterfly TT equipments – Work in progress
ARARAT/ USATT Sanctioned Tournaments

Dear Table Tennis Players,

Homenetmen-Glendale Ararat Chapter has been a registered member of USATT since 2007 and has hosted a number of sanctioned Table Tennis tournaments, where many of our members have participated in.

Following upon this successful tradition, we are pleased to announce that we booked the following 2 Star USATT sanctioned tournaments at ARARAT North Campus Facilities – 3628 San Fernando Rd. Glendale, CA 91204.

ARARAT Glendale Friendship Games 2016

Saturday and Sunday October 29-30

USATT 2-STAR Sanctioned Tournament


Saturday and Sunday October 10-11

Registration due date Friday, October 5, 2014

Victor V. Shahbazian | ATTC Director & General Athletic (GA) Advisor

Homenetmen Glendale “Ararat” Chapter Center, North Campus

3628 San Fernando Road

Glendale, CA 91204

Click this link to View map and get directions to the center
Mobile: (818) 634-7245

Homenetmen Glendale “Ararat” Chapter Center main office

Tel: (323) 256-2564 | FAX: (323) 256-0639

MT. Ararat Games 2014

Registration due date Friday, DEC 5, 2014

Players Must complete the Registration Form (page 3) and attach Proof of on-line PayPal, credit card or check payment to it!

Download the Registration Form here.

ARARAT Glendale Friendship Games 2014

Non-sanction Table Tennis Tournaments

On behalf of ARARAT organization, we would like to welcome you to Glendale Friendship Games 2014 Table Tennis Tournament, which will take place on Sunday, OCT 12 at ARARAT North Campus Facility.

This is a major community table tennis event with the main goal of bringing the So Cal friends and families together for a nice, friendly, exciting and fun table tennis tournament.

We will have nice gifts and prizes and will be serving complimentary lunch and refreshments to all participants.

We are looking forward to see you all at this family fun and exciting tournament.

Any question, please contact victor.shahbazian@gmail.com or 818-634-7245.

Special Notes

Use OmniPong to register for the tournament. Submit the payment during the tournament.

Special Guests

ADADM Bobrow >>>>> http://adambobrow.com/videos/table-tennis/

Shant Mesrkhani *** DJ Control *** International Music DJ.


View Flyer

View Entry Form

Release of Liability Waiver Form


All players MUST complete and submit Entry Form Registration (page 4) and the Release of Liability Waiver form during the tournament.

Glendale Friendship Games Table Tennis 2014 Video Playlist.

Here is the Glendale Friendship 2013 Video Playlist. Thank you for your participation.


Registration due date Friday, June 6th, 2014

USATT Sanctioned Tournament 2014 Slide Show. Thank you for your participation.

Table Tennis News & Videos

» Table Tennis XMAS party «

» Friday Dec 5th from 7 – 1 AM @ ATTC Hall «

Let’s celebrate our 2014 accomplishments during Christmas Holiday Party at ARARAT Table Tennis Center. As always, there will be great food & refreshments, DJ, live music, dance, games, entertainment, award and recognition, fun games and prizes.

View Flyer

Christmas Party 2013 at Homenetmen Glendale ” Ararat ” chapter North Campus Organized by ” Ararat Table Tennis Committee “.

Glendale Armenian Organization hosts International Table Tennis Tournament

ARTN channel video news (10/2/2014)– Coverage of ARARAT Table Tennis Tournaments

This is a major table tennis community event with the main goal of bringing the So Cal friends and families together for a nice, friendly, exciting and fun table tennis tournament,” stated by Victor V. Shahbazian, ATTC director & General Athletic Advisor

Glendale Homenetmen Ararat Chapter Hosts 9th Annual Friendship Games

The goal of these Friendship Games is to bring together community members from different cultures and ages and foster goodwill, create new and lasting friendships and unite the Glendale community in a friendly competitive manner. We want to give the opportunity for aspiring athletes, professionals and especially the younger generation to show-off their talent, pursue athletic excellence and show true sportsmanship,” stated Tomik Abrahamian of the Homenetmen Glendale Ararat Chapter.