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Ararat Main Campus

Since the establishment of Homenetmen Glendale “Ararat” Chapter in 1978, the Armenian population in Glendale and our membership have increased dramatically. Due to this overwhelming growth, we moved into this facility in 1997.

This Center which serves as our home, allows our members to participate in most of our athletics, scouting, and cultural activities in one location, under one roof. This modern Homenetmen Center with its meeting rooms, a full gymnasium as well as a banquet hall for over 500 guests is where our activities are held.

The facility has provided us with a real opportunity to ensure that our next generation can benefit from all the positive influences and teachings of Homenetmen within a healthy family atmosphere, in a modern environment.

Vahe Ardsroony Building, North Campus

The Vahe Ardsroony Building, North Campus, is located at 3618 San Fernando Road in Glendale, between Rosslyn and Dolores streets, just three blocks north of the Main Ararat Center. This 51,000 square foot property with an existing 24,500 building was purchased in August of 2007 and after minor modifications has been used to accommodate our ever increasing activities. The property supports, in addition to our core programs, the Chapter’s D-League program, Table Tennis Center, and the Elevate Fitness Complex.