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Ararat Book Club meets regularly monthly on the first Thursday of the month to discuss the selected book for that month.  A member of the club will select and announce a book to read for the upcoming month.  Book discussions are moderated by the member who has selected the book.  The spirit of the discussions is to have open and friendly, thought-provoking conversations amongst the members. All members are encouraged to participate and share their opinion, feelings, thoughts about the many aspects of the book ranging from the author to the characters in the book, the storyline and the learnings from the book.  The meetings last between 2-2.5 hours and always begin and end with 15-30 minutes of member socializing / connection time.

During the month of August, the book club will be recessed to allow members attend trips/vacations during the summer.

During the month of December, the book club holds a combined Christmas Party and book discussion meeting.

Book For July

Title: Horse
Author: Geraldine Brooks

Past Books

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Zarik Gorgorian founded the Ararat Book Club with 5 ladies in 2003, based on a vision that she had for like-minded women who had a deep desire to read and share their common interest with other readers. Alongside Zarik, Lily Savadian was instrumental in working closely with Zarik from the very first day on all administrative duties.

Over the course of the past 19 years, the club has had close to 200 transient avid readers who joined the club, attended the sessions and maintained their status based on their availability.

To date, over 170 books across all genres have been read and discussed. The Ararat Book Club invites everyone to refer to the list and find the book of interest to you.