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The focus of Homenetmen Glendale “Ararat” Chapter’s Gymnastics Program is to encourage and involve children in this sport at a young age. Our goal is to make sure that the participants have a positive and enjoyable introduction to the sport of Gymnastics, which is known as “Mother of all sports”, by extending discipline, commitment, health and fitness through this program.

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General Practice Directions and Groupings

At Homenetmen Glendale “Ararat” Chapter, we offer daily practice sessions for the gymnasts based on gender, age and skills. Our instructors assist the gymnasts to improve and develop a strong foundation in Gymnastics. Our program consists of the following practice paths:

At this stage we tend to get the novice 4-6 years old gymnasts interested in the sport. Some older girls initially are placed in a beginner group until they develop the necessary skills to advance. Gymnasts will develop hands/eye coordination and learn the basic strokes, areas of the floor and the beginning-level Gymnastics skills. Parents are encouraged to get involved, encourage and support their children so that they will be able to grasp the technical aspects of the sport.

First Year Students
Build the basic foundation. Athletes will learn the proper techniques and will be introduced to the fundamentals of the sport. At the beginning stages they will learn how to work on the apparatuses. First year students will practice with different elements to get a feel for the way each apparatus could be used in routines. Fun games will also be included to allow the students incorporate what they have learned into actual use.

2nd and 3rd Year
Technique Enhancement Athletes should be able to demonstrate knowledge of elements that they have learned. They should be able to start naming elements and be able to link them together. Intermediate gymnasts are usually in their third year, which starts at 8.

3rd Year and Up
In this stage, gymnasts develop a strong foundation and focus on refining techniques and skills. The development and understanding of routines, movements to music and competitions will be highly encouraged.

Gymnastics Committee
The Gymnastics Committee’s responsibility is to increase parent’s involvement, evaluate and improve quality of the practices and concentrate on analyzing the effectiveness and feasibility of the program.

Students must be current members of Homenetmen Glendale “Ararat” Chapter and are required to fully pay their membership fees. All relevant forms must be completed and be on file prior to attending practice. Applications are available at our office.

For practice hours and further information visit our athletic office at our Center or call us at (323) 256-2564 weekdays after 2:00 p.m.