Since the inception of Homenetment Glendale Ararat Chapter’s Cultural Division it has become an integral part of the chapter’s structure and plays an important role in children’s education and understanding of the rich culture we share with its programs and special events, not only serving its members but also to our community at large. In its mission to teach our youth about our cultural heritage, the Homenetmen Glendale Ararat Chapter formed a Cultural Division. This Division focuses on introducing our younger members to the rich culture of the Armenian nation with such classes as dance, poetry, art, drama and choir.

Cultural Division’s mission is to teach our cultural heritage to the youth and promote high quality cultural events and programs in the community.

Our goals are as follows:

  • Promote our rich culture.
  • Provide the opportunity for youth to get introduced to different aspects of arts by providing high quality classes.
  • Promote artists.
  • To be established as one of the more important cultural centers in the community.

The Cultural Division is consisted two Choirs:

“Ararat” Choir
(Ages 16 and above)

Conductor Lilian Avak
Choir meets for practice every Wednesday
from 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm

“Nanor” Youth Choir
(Ages 7 – 12)

Conductor Lilian Avak
Choir meets for practice every Friday
from 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm