Grandmaster Tigran Petrosian started playing Chess when he was eight years old. Some of our chess players are as young as four or five years old. Like all other programs here in Homenetmen Glendale Ararat Chapter, focal point of Chess Program is to encourage & involve children and young people into the game of chess, as well as providing them the opportunity to have self discipline, commitment, health, fitness, personal and social development.

While practicing any sport can help build self-esteem and confidence, chess is one of the few that fully exercises one’s mind. It is a well accepted fact that chess is one of the most important educational tools available to boost a one’s mind. Playing chess, is not only valuable for developing the skills of gifted children, the average and even below average learners can also benefit.

Our experienced coaches, teach students to think logically and efficiently, learn to select the ‘best’ choice from a large number of options, strengthen the problem solving skills & training them how to make difficult and abstract decisions independently. Class normally starts with playing open games then everyone is invited to seat in a school type class where instructor, teaches them the tactical aspects of the chess utilizing computer screen. Students are encouraged to solve chess problems, analyze game scores, and study the games of the grandmasters.

Homenetmen Glendale “Ararat” Chapter’s Chess committee is actively involved in the entire program, continuously analyzing the effectiveness and feasibility of the program. Committee also organizes competitive events including Annual “Ararat” Cup Chess Tournament that takes place at Ararat center &am; is open to all chess players from all other schools. Our kids participate in Navasartian games & compete in several different tournaments.

Each student is required to have a current, fully paid membership with Homenetmen Glendale “Ararat” Chapter.
All appropriate forms must be completed and on file prior to practice. Our chess practice application clearly describes the available programs, their duration and payment provisions.
Applications are available at our athletic office.
For further information you can visit our athletic office or call us at (323) 256-0651.