On Saturday, July 27, 2013, our C and D division Soccer teams became the first teams from Ararat to win Pasadena’s City-sponsored Villa-Parke soccer league.

C division team coached by Kriste Mehdian and D division team coached by Vahik Keshishian, won their final games after competing against tough competitors during the last 6 months.

Most players have been members of Ararat for over 6 years. Both coaches have been working with them continuously, having had the support of athletes’ parents, General Athletic Division and Ararat Chapter.

Both victories are significant for Ararat because these players have grown up in Ararat, became better soccer players and succeeded to win championships through our own resources.

Coaches Vahik and Kriste have played an important role in the development of these young men and deserve our gratitude for their hard work and enthusiasm. Their dedication is exemplary.

We congratulate coaches, players and their parents for their achievements for the last several years but more specifically during Navasartian and Villa-Parke games this season.