Seminar Focused On Teen Development and Kids and the Law

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Seminar Focused On Teen Development and Kids and the Law


The Armenian General Athletic Union and Scouts


For Immediate Release
Date: August 15, 2011


Contact: Boghos (Bo) Patatian
Phone: (626) 818.9004

Homenetmen Glendale “Ararat” Chapter Hosts Its 2nd Family Forum Focusing on the Armenian Youth Identity with Speakers Der Parseghian Esq. & Dr. Alexanian

This 2nd Seminar Focused On Teen Development and Kids and the Law

GLENDALE, CA – August 15th – Several parents, teens, families, and Homenetmen Glendale “Ararat” Chapter members, including scouts and athletes gathered at “Ararat” Center on Sunday evening, to attend the second seminar in a series of community family forums hosted by the ‘Ararat’ Chapter Programs Division. This seminar followed the first, which featured speakers: Community Leader and Activist Raffi Hamparian; Sergeant Tigran Topadzhikyan of the Glendale Police Department; Glendale City Clerk, Ardashes Kassakhian and Prominent Attorney at Law Garo Ghazarian.

The high standard and tenor of these Family Forums was set by the first, and this second seminar, to its credit, did not disappoint and moreover built upon the accomplishments of the first. Naturally, when dealing with delicate and complex subject matter, such as Teen Development and Kids and the Law, presenters take great pains to cover a lot of ground very quickly and make every effort to be as thorough and succinct as possible. Our guest presenters very aptly succeeded in doing just that. The material was presented in a professional, concise, straight-forward, and at times brutally honest fashion. Though most of the issues discussed were sensitive and heavy in nature, their presentations were made in such a delicate way that all in attendance received the critical information they came for and left with only high praise for the presenters, their presentations, and the program in general.araratidentity2

The first speaker,  Mary Der Parseghian, of the Der Parseghian Law Group,  began her presentation with an overview of the laws that specifically apply to teens and also covered general parental rights and responsibilities. Specific topics she discussed included: the Age of Majority, Alcohol, Traffic Laws, Curfew Laws, Drugs, Emancipation, Smoking, Drugs and Sex, Child Abuse and Neglect, Social Networking and Cyber bulling prevention guidance for parents.  In her remarks, Der Parseghian emphasized the importance of parental education and involvement and stressed how important it is for parents to stay active, engaged, involved and vigilant in the lives of their children and educate themselves, as much as possible, with the various aspects law and issues pertaining to their teens, so that they can effectively protect and supervise them.

Next, Dr. Lukas Alexanian, Medical Director of Glendale Adventist Psychiatric Department and Chief Psychiatrist of Glendale Memorial, St. Joseph and Hollywood Presbyterian Hospitals, discussed the behavioral development of teenagers, and underscored the number of physical, psychological, intellectual and social changes, that occur within this phase of a teen’s development and discussed the various methods for dealing with these changes. Dr. Alexanian, encouraged parents to take a proactive, pragmatic and non-combative approach to dealing with their children and advised them to be as non-judgmental or confrontational as possible. Any approach or method that allows for the constant  free-flow of honest and open family communication, Dr. Alexanian, stressed,  would be a good mechanism for establishing a strong, happy and healthy family environment and transversely, thriving young children and teens.

The presentations, were followed by an equally informative, Q&A segment, where the audience had the opportunity to make comments and field questions to panelists.

“This was a great and well organized and attended event, which provided wonderful insight into a number of fundamentally important issues related to youth development and the law,” said Arlet Davoodian of PR committee. “By organizing such seminars, Ararat facilitates meaningful discussion centered around the legal, social and cultural issues facing parents and teens throughout our respective communities today, and empowers us all with the tools to be able to properly deal with the complexities of these situations and circumstances.”
Homenetmen is a 501 (C) 3 non-profit volunteer driven, service based organization that serves the Armenian-American community. Affiliated to the Boys Scouts of America, the organizations mission is to prepare exemplary and law abiding citizens by providing physical and health education, endowing the mind and soul with the finest spirit of sportsmanship, and developing and understanding of responsibility and honor as they strive for individual and collective excellence. Homenetmen Glendale “Ararat” Chapter, was founded on December 15, 1978 and is currently the largest of the Homenetmen’s 19 Chapters in Western United States Region and its active volunteer base is currently over 2,500 members strong. Since its founding the Homenetmen Glendale “Ararat” chapter has maintained a long history of selfless service and devotion to fostering the development of strong and healthy families, communities and young people.  |  (323) 256-2564

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