The Sevan chapter held the San Diego 2011 games this year from Saturday, February 19 to Monday, February 21st. Our, Ararat, chapter participated in the tournament with 19 boys’ basketball teams ranging from C division to A division. In addition, we had five women’s basketball teams and one women’s volleyball team.

All of our teams did an exceptional job competing in the Sevan 2011 games. Out of seven basketball divisions, we claimed the first place spot for four of them; A girls, B/C girls, 1A, and 2A boys. We had an Ararat team also clench the second place spot for the 2A men’s division. Additionally, two of our A girls basketball teams came in at third place, while two of our C division boys teams came in at third as well.

For some of our participants, it was their first time playing in these games. However, all of our teams, new and old, had an amazing time playing in the Sevan 2011 games. It was an experience most will never forget. Looking forward for the Sevan 2012 games!