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Serge GrakasianChair
Serge Grakasian has been a member of Homenetmen since 2003 and has previously served as vice-chairman of the Chapter Executive Board for three years and as the Board’s Chair in 2018 and 2019. He has also chaired the Athletic Division Executive Committee for 6 years. His wife, Annette and two sons, Allen and Anthony, are also members of the Ararat Chapter, and both of his sons are members of Ararat soccer. In addition to Homenetmen, Serge is also serving on the AYSO Region 88 Board. He has a degree in Business Management and owns and operates a veterinary wholesale company in Arcadia.

Roobina ArshakianVice Chair
Roobina Arshakian has been a member of the Homenetmen Ararat Chapter since 1987 when she joined her first basketball team. She continued to play basketball until she was in the “A” Division. In 1989 Roobina joined the scouting division where she rose through the ranks and served as both a troop leader and eventually a Unit Commissioner. In addition to serving on numerous committees throughout the years, she has served on the Ararat Family Camp committee from 2014 up until the present, and the “A” Division Basketball Committee from 2015-2017. She served as the Chapter Executive Board’s Vice-Chair in 2018 and 2019.

Robina met her husband Nerces during the time when they were both scout leaders. They married in 2006 and have two daughters, Lori and Milen. Both of their children are currently involved in Ararat by joining in their parents’ footsteps as scouts.
Roobina graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and later went on to law school where she earned her Juris Doctorate degree in 2006 from Thomas Jefferson School of Law located in San Diego. In 2010 she started her own firm where she focuses on all matters related to family law. For Roobina and her family, Ararat is, and always will be, their home away from home.

Vazrik KhosrovianTreasurer
Vazrik Khosrovian has been a member of the Homenetmen Glendale Ararat Chapter since 1979; he has been both a Scout and an Athlete (track & field and basketball). He has served on the Chapter Executive Board since 2015. Vazrik met his wife, Teni, at Ararat in 1981, she currently serves on the Fundraising Division. His son has been a member of the basketball division since 2004, and his daughter has been both a scout and a volleyball athlete since 2013. Vazrik holds a Baccalaureate degree in finance, and an MBA with an emphasis in International finance. He heads the finance department at a motion picture copyright licensing company with 32 offices worldwide.

Saro KhemichianSecretary
Saro Khemichian has been a member of the Homenetmen Ararat Chapter since 1989 when he joined the scouting and athletics divisions. He played basketball for a number of years and remained active with Scouting. He served both as troop leader and Unit Commissioner. Saro has served on the Ararat Family Camp committee from 2014 up to present. He has also been a coach for the D-League basketball program for several seasons. He met his wife Narineh in scouts and they eventually married in 2002. They have 3 children, Nairi, Lori, and Miro. All three children are proud and active participants of the scouting division.

Saro graduated with a bachelor’s degree from UCLA and subsequently attended medical school at Keck Medical School of USC. He graduated in 2003. After completing his residency and fellowship at Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center he was eventually hired by Keck Medical Center of USC as a Transplant Hepatologist. Saro joined the CEB this year. He is very excited and considers it an honor to have joined such an amazing and dedicated group of Homenetmenagans.

Zareh MovsessianAdvisor
Zareh Movsessian has been a member of Homenetmen Ararat Chapter since 1979. He has been a Cub Scout, a Boy Scout, as well as the Chapter’s Scoutmaster. Zareh has played basketball at Ararat and has competed in track & field. Zareh has also coached the Chapter’s track and field team. More recently, he has served on the inaugural Girls Soccer Committee and on Chapter’s Board in 2018 and 2019. Zareh has served in the Regional Scouting Council and was a member of the Regional Executive Board, 2004-2008. Zareh met his wife Armine in scouting. Their children, Shaunt, Lara and Raffi, are active in Ararat scouting and athletics. Zareh holds a BSEE degree from UCLA and a MSEE degree from USC. He works as a consultant, architecting security solutions for healthcare companies, public utilities and government agencies.

Mossig KizirianAdvisor
Mossig Kizirian has been involved in Homenetmen since 1986, where he was one of the original youth members of the Saint Catherines, Canada Homenetmen Chapter. After moving to California, he continued his Homenetmen involvement as a soccer player and a coach. He eventually settled at the Homenetmen Glendale Ararat Chapter, where today he is a youth boys’ basketball coach for his sons Michael and Alex. The Homenetmen spirit is part of his family’s tradition, carried on by his father to Mossig. His wife, Tenny, is a lifelong Homenetmen Glendale Ararat Chapter member where she was a scout and played tennis. Mossig is a Banker with a degree in Marketing. He has served on the Chapter Executive Board since 2017.

Melineh Younanian AdoianAdvisor
Melineh Younanian Adoian has been an active member of our chapter since 2005 where she has served in various capacities. Within the Basketball Division, she has been a committee member before chairing the Basketball Executive Committee and the Parent Support Committee. Melineh has also been active in the Easter carnival fundraising committee. Her husband Roobik and their two sons, Alex and Areg, are all members of the Basketball Division as both players and coaches. She has served on the Chapter Executive Board since 2017. Melineh works as a registered dental hygienist in private dental offices in Glendale and Sylmar. Her vision is to keep our Armenian community strong and united.

Henrik SardarbegianAdvisor
Henrik Sardarbegian has been a proud member of Homenetmen Ararat Chapter since 1988. Throughout the years, he has gone from being a basketball player, to a coach and has been a member of the Executive Board since 2018. His love for the game of basketball has opened various opportunities in his life and has used and continues to use the lessons he has learned in basketball in all aspects of his life. In 2005 & 2011, Henrik has participated in Armenia as a member of the Glendale Men’s basketball team. Henrik joined the Hoover High School Boys’ basketball program in 2005 which eventually lead him to take on the role as the Varsity Head Basketball Coach. He was named the Pacific League’s Coach of the Year on 2008. In 2009, he married Veronica and the two have two young boys, Eric and Leo, born in 2013 and 2014. In 2017, Henrik was selected as the Men’s Basketball Coach to represent Homenetmen’s Western Region in the Homenetmen World Games where he and his team won the championship. Henrik graduated from Cal Poly Pomona with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and Marketing and went on to Southwestern’s SCALE program to earn his Juris Doctorate degree. He started his own firm, Sardarbegian Law.

Caroline MikailianAdvisor
Caroline has been a member of Homenetmen Glendale Ararat Chapter since 1978 where she started as a Scout and later on joined the Youth Division where she served as an executive committee member for 3 years .
After a short break she joined the Programs Division and served on its executive committee for several years.
Caroline attended UCLA and CSUN and owns and operates her own business in the fashion industry. She has served on the Chapter Executive Board since 2019.

Ani AghajaniAdvisor
Ani Aghajani joined Homenetmen Ararat Chapter in 1987 as a member of the Scouting Division. She was a Brownie, then a Girl Scout, and served as a Troop Leader, a Unit Commissioner, and a member of the Scouting Division Executive Committee. During her term as a Troop Leader, Ani completed her Wood Badge training and earned her Wood Badge beads. In 1998 and 2002, Ani participated in the Pan-Homenetmen Jamborees in Armenia as part of the Western U.S. Region delegation. She has served on the Chapter Executive Board since 2019. Ani graduated from UCLA with a Bachelor of Arts degree in communication studies and a minor in Armenian studies, and went on to earn her Juris Doctorate degree from USC. She works as an attorney, practicing in the areas of family, entertainment, and employment law.

Armen AboulianAdvisor
Armen joined the Ararat family in 1990 as a young boy scout and excelled through the ranks to the title of scout commissioner. Scouting combined his affinity for the outdoors with the love of spending time with friends. Armen has been active in the Scout Dads committee and the basketball division. He enjoys watching his daughters go through the Ararat school of life and develop characteristics and skills that follow the HMEM “Elevate and then elevate others” motto. Armen earned his Bachelor’s degree at UCLA, Medical degree from UC Irvine and currently practices as a general and colorectal surgeon.